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FOBES is dedicated to raise the necessary funds to bring meaningful enrichment programs and add value to LAUSD curricular.  

The money raised helps fund smaller class sizes through Teacher Assistants, Professional Art Classes, P.E. as well as school materials, security, beautification and an array of other services that improve our school. 


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STAR Education: Art Studio
Summary of the art program at Broadway Elementary 

Art Studio: Kindergarten

The kindergarteners began the art program by learning about the artist, Wassily Kandinsky, and his series of concentric circles. They used oil pastels and a range of colors to create their own concentric circles inspired by Kandinsky. Students were then introduced to the oil pastel and watercolor resist technique. We did a lesson on leaves and then on outer space. We practiced outlining with oil pastels and painting broad strokes and washes of watercolor. The art program ended with a painting on canvas panel with acrylic paint and sculpting with Model Magic clay. Students did a painting of castles using geometric shapes and sculptures of turtles by learning to roll, press, and pinch clay. 

Art Studio: 1st Grade

The first graders began the art program with a Wassily Kandinsky concentric circle lesson using oil pastels. Then they developed cutting with scissors and gluing skills by creating a collage of a leopard. We then saw how the oil in pastels resist the water in watercolors to create an oil-resist watercolor painting of a turtle. We learned how to do wet into wet washes to organically blend colors with watercolors. The program progressed to painting on canvas panel using acrylic paint. Students learned about the artist, Wayne Thiebaud, and painted ice cream cones. We ended the art program with sculpting birds using Model Magic clay. We learned how to mix colors and expand the scene with nests and plants.

Art Studio: 2nd Grade

The second graders learned about Marc Chagall’s I and the Village and discussed how we connect to nature and our surroundings. We created our own personalized version of I and the Village with our self-portrait, pet or favorite animal, favorite plant, and home. We then focused on oil pastel and watercolor resist paintings with two different animals: an owl and an iguana. Students were guided in the sketching process and learned to do watercolor washes and blend colors. We then learned about seascapes and spatial depth to create a seascape painting using acrylic paint. Students worked on developing tones and textures to complete their seascape paintings. The program concluded with learning hand sculpting skills to build a rabbit with Model Magic clay. 

Art Studio: 3rd Grade

The third graders started the art program by learning about Pop Art and Andy Warhol. We took a slice of pizza as our subject and created a drawing inspired by Warhol’s signature style. We then progressed to an oil pastel lesson based on a toucan and patterns. Our next lesson was a STEAM integrated lesson that introduced students to cross section drawings. We learned about volcanos as we drew and labeled our cross section drawings. Students then learned about Pablo Picasso and painted a Picasso inspired portrait with acrylic paint. We concluded the program with a sculpting lesson using Model Magic clay to sculpt a seal.

Art Studio: 4th Grade

The fourth graders began by learning about shading and proportion to sketch a profile portrait of a duck. Their second lesson continued with sketching techniques as they drew a more complicated figure of an owl. Students then learned about Frida Kahlo and the way she expressed her beliefs in individualism and environmentalism through her art. They learned watercolor techniques to create Frida Kahlo portraits. Our next lesson was a STEAM integrated lesson that introduced light and shadow. We learned about light, middle, and dark tones and cast shadows. We then applied these concepts to the art genre, still life, to create a painting of an apple. The program concluded with sculpting a dog using Model Magic clay. Students were guided in the sculpting process and expanded the scene with items such as food and water bowls, toys, and dog bed. 

Art Studio: 5th Grade

The fifth graders started the art program with a guided sketching lesson of an elephant. They focused on shading and texture as they developed tones to give form to their drawings. The following lesson was a STEAM integrated lesson that introduced students to figure drawing, proportion, and ratio. We then learned about the surrealist artist, Salvador Dali, and his signature melting clocks. We drew a portrait of Salvador Dali with his iconic mustache and used watercolors to create a colorful background of melting clocks. Students progressed to acrylic painting by creating a composition of a duck and a landscape. We learned a variety of techniques to portray the duck, water, and sky. We ended the program with sculpting a tiger using Model Magic clay. Students learned to mix colors, form various shapes, and focus on details such as facial features and stripes for their tiger sculptures.