Where does Broadway’s funding come from?

California public schools receive the majority of their external funding from the State budget, primarily as a portion of taxes: income, sales, and property. Therefore, school funding is impacted by the economy and is not necessarily stable year to year. LAUSD schools receive a dollar amount per student with additional amounts for low-income, English learners, and foster youth. This dollar amount is one of the lowest in the country, so Broadway, like most public schools, is heavily dependent on school fundraising to supplement the state-provided budget and ensure the best possible learning experience for our kids.

What specific funding challenges does Broadway have?

LAUSD provides supplemental funding to schools with a high proportion of low-income students via Title I. A few years ago Broadway lost our Title I status which resulted in a $240,000 decrease to our budget, making FOBES fundraising even more critical. Broadway is currently classified as a neighborhood public school (neither a magnet nor a charter), so it does not receive any extra funding despite the complexity of our language immersion programs and our need for specialized teachers and TAs.

Because of Broadway’s unique dual teaching set-up, we are also particularly vulnerable to the budget implications of “Norm Day”. Norm Day is the official count day where LAUSD finalizes the enrollment count and re-allocates resources across the district accordingly. If the number of students is too low, the district will no longer pay the salaries of one or more teachers. The school must then decide whether to collapse classes and lose a teacher, or keep the teacher and pay the salary and benefits themselves. At a traditional school, this can be a juggle and sometimes ends up with some teachers teaching more than one grade at a time. But at a school like ours, the juggle is a struggle - because this would mean our teachers might be asked to teach two different grades in two different languages!

Given remote learning, what will FOBES be covering this year?

Even in the face of the unexpected switch to remote learning beginning in the spring of 2020 and extending into our fall of 2020, FOBES has continued to support crucial needs for Broadway. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Funding administrative support staff

  • Funding several teachers

  • Funding our TAs (which will play a critical role in supporting remote learning this year)

  • School supplies to be distributed to our teachers and kids

  • Enrichment activities like Art in Action and Spirit Series

While the circumstances continue to evolve and create tremendous uncertainty in so many aspects of our lives, including our children's education, there are only a handful of budget items that we expect to be impacted by the current situation: fields trips and STAR PE being the most apparent. These items represent a tiny portion of our operating budget.

How does FOBES raise money?

The largest portion of our budget is raised through our family giving campaign - by parents and supporters like you! We also hold fundraisers such as dinners out and our annual online auction. We are assisted through grants, many of which depend on a high participation rate in our family giving campaign - this is among the reasons why our 100% family participation goal is SO important. Corporate donation matching also helps - when you make a donation, please see if your employer will match it!

If you have ideas for fundraising or would like to host a fundraiser yourself, please let us know. Note that fundraisers in FOBES' name MUST be preapproved and managed by a board liaison to assure compliance with 501(c)3 guidelines.

What is FOBES's fundraising goal for 2020-21?

For the 2020-2021 school year, our primary goal is to have 100% family participation, at whatever amount is meaningful to you. Every dollar amount, no matter how small or large, goes 100% towards our school community and is immensely valuable to us all - $5 to $5000 or more or anywhere in between - truly! The most important goal is EVERY single family giving what is meaningful to them. What we can tell you is that our most common donation was last year and remains $1950, and that with the state of the district, Friends of Broadway needs parents support now more than ever!

How do I submit a request for reimbursement?

The individual seeking reimbursement is required to obtain the appropriate approval. After obtaining approval, the completed form and receipts should be emailed to reimbursements@friendsofbroadwayschool.org. If you prefer to mail them via USPS, please send them to the school but note that due to COVID-19, FOBES will not be checking the mailbox as often so reimbursement may be delayed.

Where can I find the budget?

The budget is posted in the glass case in the main hallway, and is also available online to all Broadway parents as a link in the bottom of the weekly Dolphin Dispatch email newsletter. Each year the budget for the following school year is voted upon in January. At least fifteen members (any Broadway parent) must be present to vote in this budget.